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Eduargo Pagano, General Manager of From Patagonia

Since 2010 we specialize in harvesting and exporting wild products such as morels/morchellas, boletus and maqui berries, elderberries, blackberries and rose hip from the native forests of the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

Our activity is focused on exportation and we count with offices in Europe for a better distribution of our products in the continent.

Our company is a direct purchaser from Mapuche peasants, and stores locally the wild mushrooms and fruits harvested by these communities in Patagonian vast territories of Argentina and Chile, on both sides of the Andes Mountains. We dehydrate them--the main factor to guarantee their aroma and flavor--and then we arrange them manually--the key of our success--we clean, select and classify them, without any kind of chemicals or preservatives, for export.

High quality products, free of chemicals and preservatives.

We also supply fruits of the forest: raspberry, blackberry, cassis, redcurrant, strawberry, elderberry and rosehip, all frozen or freeze-dried.

In 2015 FONTAR (Fondo Tecnológico Argentino), Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, awarded us a grant for our project for the “Development of a dietary supplement based on a refined maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) extract”.

WE ARE AT: El Bolsón, Argentina


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